Since 1907, Bersano has kept one, clear vision: to bottle up the essence of Langhe and Monferrato's wine culture and convivial spirit and spread it across the globe. It's a bold goal: for many, an impossible feat – but for us, it's a commitment we strive to uphold every single day.

Arturo Bersano's visionary spirit ignited our journey. Following his legacy, the torch has been carried by the Massimelli family: first Ugo, and now, Federica, joined by her sisters and son.

From the vineyard to the cellar to our museums:everything we do, we do for Piedmont.

This means selecting and refining only the finest grapes of native varieties from our 230 hectares of vineyards – an invaluable viticultural heritage and a reflection of Langhe and Monferrato, one that allows us to reveal the diverse character of the region through our wines.

But that's not all: we're also dedicated to preserving the farming traditions in our historic museums in Nizza Monferrato and our 10 cascine, farmsteads holding centuries of stories, capturing the essence of Italy's winemaking history. And it's not just about history - we're all about bringing people together. We’re enthusiastic promoters of the conviviality at the core of Piedmontese culture - our doors are always open for those who want to join us and learn more.

«A guarantee of land, people, and traditions». This is a creed we have embraced for more than a century, one by which we still stand, tirelessly working day in and day out to safeguard yesterday's icons - and forge tomorrow's.


We work with passion and take care of every stage of production: we sign the entire supply chain, from grape harvest to fermentation, from the vineyard to the bottle.

We want to go beyond time, producing wines that, just like true icons, will stand the test of time - lasting classics, today and tomorrow.

Arturo Bersano

Lover of wine, balladist of the earth

A lawyer by training and a winemaker by passion, Arturo Bersano was profoundly in love with his land and dedicated his life to perfecting the quality of his cellars. His dream was simple: “to make the best wine in the world”.


Arturo Bersano

He created a cultural movement around food and wine. This involved the best intellects of the time and promoted a renewed interest in the land, anticipating the cultural revolution that fifty years later would inextricably link the ownership of vineyards with the quality of wine

Arturo Bersano was a true wine lover with a passion for art, ancient prints and peasants utensils, which he collected and brought together in the Bersano Museums, currently the most authentic testimony to the great rural culture of Piedmont

Bersano Museums

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