Since 1907, only the best grapes

Ours is the largest private vineyard estate in Piedmont. This means we can always select the best clusters in our 230 hectares. In our wines we guarantee consistent quality, without compromise.


We sign the whole chain

"If you want to drink well, buy a vineyard." Founder Arturo Bersano said this at the turn of the century, and we still strongly believe it today: we only vinify grapes from our own vineyards and we control the entire supply chain. Every step of production is signed by Bersano - from the vineyard to the bottle.

To every farmstead its wines

For centuries, the “Cascina” has been the basis of Piedmont's rural tradition. From our 10 farmsteads we produce terroir wines with a distinct territorial identity.


We believe in wine as a voice of culture

We strive to uphold our founder's vision. Wine is an expression of a deep cultural heritage, with its roots firmly planted in precious values: foresight, patience, conviviality, and a taste for good things, made with care.

our wines

We are keepers, we are ambassadors

We have a responsibility to protect the value of an agricultural tradition that is at the heart of our identity. We want to honor those who came before us: since the beginning, our mission is to bottle up the essence of Langhe and Monferrato's wine culture and convivial spirit and spread it across the globe.

Bersano museums

Wine beyond time

For us, true classics are timeless. The wine we produce is so connected to the essence of Piedmont that it does not fear the passage of time – once an icon, always an icon.

Piedmont – all over the world

We are proud to be Piedmontese and have always been committed to sharing the wealth of our land all over the world. Our wines bring the essence of Piedmont to over 40 countries.

The Land

Explore the eclectic spirit of Bersano
through our collaboration
with photographer Fabio Bonanno.